Stoked Fest is a groundbreaking event for kids on November 22nd at the Long Beach Hotel. It’s a 1-day Kids festival in Long Beach. NY. It is a festival for kids and families to help with the revitalization of Long Beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Similar to what the Tribeca Film Festival did after 9/11 we aim to build on the success of this annual kids festival and expand it into an all day kids festival for the kids and families of Long Beach (which will also drive economic activity in the area as well). Stoked Fest will be doing a red carpet event for the “kids” and making it interactive with Polaroid photos of the kids on the red carpet. At Stoked Fest the kids are the stars!

Stoked Fest will be showcasing award-winning shorts from the Long Island & New York City area. Stoked is the brainchild of Long Beach resident Terence Mulligan. A veteran film and music festival producer (founder and producer of the Craic festival in NYC since 1999.) The event will show a 75-minute shorts program. The festival will have a reception (munchies and drinks) and free goodie bags for the Kids. The event runs from 5:30 pm.